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We start the design process with your target audience with the most suitable research methodology.

Userspots knows that design is not a matter of designer’s instinct, it must rely on the habits of your target audience and their instincts which is the concrete data gathered through our research team.

Customer Journey

Userspots Research Team gets involved in the life of your customers and analyse their needs. They work to design customer experiences, create omni-channel strategies by conducting researches to observe offline experiences in airports, electronic shops, call centres and shopping malls.





We handle design as data-oriented process and transform the data and insights obtained in research and analysis stages into design solutions.

After testing the every stage of forming concepts, wireframes, and prototypes; we finally reach the ideal design. For us, ideal design is the one which people liked and is confirmed by the data of usability tests, both.

Interaction Design

Userspots design team designs interaction of user interfaces by analysing the research data, creating a design strategy, information architecture, and smart points.



We confirm the design solutions in the early stages.

Design decisions can be proven by usability tests on the prototype stage and A/B test on the website.

A/B tests

Userspots optimisation team analyses the current traffic points, discovers the pages where the customers decide not to buy the product, finds out the usability problems. A/B tests are used at every stage of customer journey to increase the conversion rate.